Resources for Inclusive Education with Tablets

The IncluEdu resource bank consist of four main sections that each contains a rich pool of downloadable contents. Many more materials can be found in the Members Area.


The key competence matrix is the theoretical reference system that informs the development of concrete training needs of education organisations that want to become more inclusive as well as the development of course contents. You can view the overview model as a web-based mindmap and download each competence grid below.



The Modules Section contains a database of different course modules that have been developed by partners of the IncluEdu-project following our competence matrix to allow the design of customised courses that support the acquisition of these new digital and pedagogical competences.


Learning Objects

The learning objects section contains hundreds of pieces of learning material like presentations, video tutorials, worksheets, step-by-step guides, etc. These learning objects are usually used within specific course modules or also as stand-alone resources for individual learning purposes. The project also has developed specially designed resources in easy-to-read format for learners with special educational needs.


Success Stories

In this section you can find more than 25 best practice examples from the five IncluEdu Partner Countries on how mobile devices support inclusive education. Teachers and professionals from the education field shared their lively experience with us and we condensed their success stories and make them available for the public.