IncluEdu followed a rigorous structure of developing, implementing, evaluating and re-working of a course programme with the active involvement of teachers, managers, and learners with SEN. The project duration of three years allowed for an iterative approach to develop high quality courses that fit the course structure and contents to the requirements of educational organisations.

Impact and Long Term Benefits

Education organisations like schools, adult education providers and others that joined our courses are enabled to build up new competences to provide more inclusive, personalized education for people with and without special educational needs. Teachers and managers can link to a community of likeminded organisations that are steering towards the same goals. Becoming a member of this community will enable them to network and exchange ideas on inclusive education and on the use of mobile technology, and to find help when needed. In the long term, the whole European education sector should benefit from the outcomes of this project in different ways: educational organizations will be enabled to better include all different kinds of learners in their educational offer. Educational staff will gain competences necessary to use tablets in inclusive teaching and learning settings. Learners with SEN will have better choices and will be more able to take part in mainstream education like anybody else.