Mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets are now commonplace in today´s society. Hence, we see a significant increase in their usage in schools and adult education. The use of mobile devices, however, leads to a radical and necessary change in the way we teach and learn. We believe that digital learning not only has the potential to increase creativity, but it can also boost the motivation and achievements for all learners.

IncluEdu has designed a full range of competency-based courses, which enable schools and teachers to successfully introduce mobile devices, such as tablets, into the classroom.

If you attend our courses, your school can apply for an Erasmus+ grant, covering the main part of the course fee, travel and subsistence costs.


Course Approach

Our courses are based on person-centred approaches and the pedagogical idea that learners are an active, creative and responsible part in the learning process.

Courses  will be delivered in the following cities:

  • Graz, Austria
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Limassol, Cyprus


General Course Information 

Duration of courses: 6 Days, from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening

Course fee:690 € or 590 € (Graz)

The course fee includes snacks and coffee / tea during the workshops, meals are not included.

Our tablet courses offer:

No sleeping allowed, let’s all participate! – Tools and methods to activate your learners

Activate your learners use exciting and innovative tools and apps that have the potential to make your lessons more personal and interactive.

Personalised learning with tablets

We show you approaches that allow you to provide more personalised lessons using person-centred methods and tools along with new possibilities of tablets and apps.

Classrooms go paperless – Virtual learning platforms for the 21st century

Organise your teaching and learning virtually, use online storage and learning management systems and it will enhance the way you work and communicate.

Create your own digital content – We all are ”prosumers”

Create rich-media learning and teaching materials like presentations, eBooks, educational videos, flashcards, etc. that better match different learning styles using apps and tools for content creation

Let's all go back to school again – Local educational study visits

Visit educational organisations (e.g. schools, adult education providers, etc) and watch tablets in action.

Empower all learners with accessibility features

Use the powerful built-in accessibility features of tablets, such as voice recognition or speech function to empower learners of all abilities, so that they can better can learn independently (e.g. take in and create information).

Basic education with tablets

Implement tablets as an additional teaching resource in literacy or numeracy education.

Implementation and management of tablets

Manage and maintain tablets in your school/classroom using a mobile device management system or BYOD.

Tips and tricks for tablet usage

Learn basic and advanced features of tablets to develop a more efficient way of using tablets.

Educational circuit training

To get hands on experiences and trial different apps and tools that can enhance learning.

Easy movie production with tablets

Create your own (educational) videos without the need of being a pro.

Apps market – sharing experiences and useful apps

To share apps of (educational) value with your students.

Getting organised and finding your way – self-management with tablets

Use mobile devices to organise your life more effectively and learn how to advise learners to do the same for their (school) life.

Education and ICT in Europe – let’s learn from each other

Get an insight into the Finnish school system and its key elements for success. Take part in a discussion about differences across countries and cross-check your own country’s school system.

European success stories

Listen to extraordinary stories from all over Europe that show how technology can make a difference in the lives of learners.


An international team of trainers and the opportunity to network and share professional experience with colleagues from all over Europe will make your course participation a special and unique experience. Our courses are organised by five different European organisations: atempo (Austria), FAIDD (Finland), UrAbility (Ireland), The Rix Centre (UK), and ITA (Germany).

For whom are the courses?

Our courses are suitable for all professionals working in schools, adult and vocational education, as well as for teachers of people in need of additional support.