Applying for Funding

How to apply for Erasmus+ Mobility Project

Under the new Erasmus+ Programme it is possible to set up a Mobility Project for your organization (school or adult education) in order to receive a grant to participate in our courses. This mobility project should meet the needs of your organization and staff for further development as well as your internal plans for internationalization, capacity building and modernization. Within this project you can identify project partners (such as atempo as a course provider) to carry out several mobility activities (staff training or teaching assignments) allowing several individuals to go abroad to different countries.


In order to support you in your project design and application process we have prepared a little step-by-step guide on how to apply for funding.


Step 1: Download the official Erasmus+ Programme Guide from the EU-Commission. In order to be able to design a Mobility project for your organization / school it is useful to get acquainted with certain details of the new Erasmus+ Programme. You don´t need to read through the whole program guide, but check out the necessary chapters as recommended below:

  • Part A – General Information about the Erasmus+ Programme
  • Key Action 1 – Mobility of Individuals
  • Mobility Project for School Education Staff
  • Mobility Project for Adult Education Staff


Step 2: Access the website of your Erasmus+ National Agency and download the proper application form. Access the website of your National Agency and enter either the section for school education, vocational education or adult education. In a next step you need to download the right application form for “Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals.


Step 3: Ensure that your organization has a PIC code or OID number (this is unique identification code for project applicants) and that you follow the right application procedures. Here is a useful link to the guidance of the UK Erasmus+ National Agency:


Step 4: Check the sections on Eligibility Criteria (programme guide) and our recommendations for improving the quality of your mobility project application: Improving your application. Please read these chapters carefully as they will help you to facilitate and structure your application process. It might also be useful to draft the main sections of your application in a separate document and copy the final version in the application form just before submission.


Step 5: Complete and submit the application form according to the directions of this guide. It might be neccessary to enter the PIC code or OID number of atempo or another course organising organisation within your application form.

The PIC is 946117146.

The OID is E10085776

As soon as you are done, you sign it and then you need to submit online along with any other documents that may be needed from your National Agency (e.g. CV) that you need to check with them.