PCP Tools – Good Day/ Bad Day

AUTHORCharlie Saward

TypeOther Resource




Operating SystemNot Applicable


The Good Day/ Bad Day tool is used to collect information about what makes a good day and what makes a bad day for each learner. The information gathered will help the teacher to identify what is important to the learner and what they can do or put in place to best support that learner.   This tool will help the learner to understand what is important to them in school and will foster the feeling that they are being listened to by their teacher. The process also benefits parents, as they will also get a better idea of what good days and bad days look like for their child at school and may help them identify additional ways that they can help support their child to have a better learning experience. Working together with this tool can also help create positive relationships between parents and the school.   For teaching staff the Good Day/ Bad Day tool will help them understand better their own role in good learning days and how they might organise their classroom, lessons, and school days to maximise them. Responses to the Good Day/ Bad Day tool could be collated and used to create strategies for specific classes or the school as a whole.   Click the supporting document to download the Good Day/ Bad Day tool.

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