John works at atempo

John tells his story. He is giving lectures and presentations about “Lifelong learning with disabilities” and “Self-directed life for people with disabilities“.

TeacherKarl Bäck and Thomas Tröbinger



School levelOther


John works at atempo He was born in 1966. He attended a special school and worked in a day centre. In 2007 John started to attend a course about self advocacy and since 2010 he is employed at atempo. John gives presentations and lectures at various opportunities the conference “Lifelong learning with disabilities” or about “Self-directed life for people with disabilities“. His special topics are:


John has a learning disabilities and difficulties with reading. So he uses a Text-To-Speech program called “Voice Reader”. He is using this program to read emails, search in the internet, and prepare his presentations. A few months ago he started to use an iPad to give his presentations. It is easier to carry and much easier to handle like a normal PC or Laptop. Recently he has bought his own iPad and is using it all the time. He doesn’t need extra Text-To-Speech software any more. There is a built-in feature in the operating system of iPads (iOS) which allows him to read the text aloud. This works very well for him, especially with emails and for the internet. Additionally he can use the reader view in Safari. When you load a page that has a large block of text on it, a small button will appear on the left side of your web address bar at the top of the screen. Tapping this will activate the Reader view which extracts the article’s text and images and presents them in a clean, attractive manner. “Reader” mode will cut out sidebars, ads, headers, and any other, sometimes, distracting components of a website. As he also has difficulties in writing, he started to use Siri. Now he can dictate a text instead of type it. It is very useful for writing and sending emails or to write his diary.

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