About Me – Core Values and Principles

This module will introduce learners to the core values and principles of person centred teaching and learning.  It will provide useful strategies and solutions to effectively apply these principles into practice....

Numeracy Skills – Planning a Vacation

This Module guides participants through a step by step guide to using a list of Apps and websites to plan a journey. It will have users work on a task and work out the best way to get from one point to the other. By the end users...

Engage and assess your students learning with Socrative

In this hands-on introductory workshop course participants will explore the huge possibilities of socrative to acivate their learners with quizes or to create paperless formative assessments that deliver realtime results. Participants will have the possibility to further more create their own quiz or test and play it with...

Creative learning with Mindmaps

Mindmapping is a perfect method to organise your thinking, plan your day or simply brainstorm ideas. Even more it can be used to summarize information and learn more effectively. With the development of new web-based mindmapping solutions like mindmeister mindmapping has never been easier and more exciting. In...

We all are prosumers – content creation with different apps

The way in which we create and organise our information is radically changing. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones allow for organising and creating knowledge with digital, rich-media means. In this module course participants get to know different apps that can be used to create digital content and...

Educational Circuit Training – Learning Apps, Educational Games and Augmented Reality

There are endless ways to make lessons more interesting and activate your learners. In this very activating educational circuit training you will move around different work stations and trial different innovative learning methods ranging from the educational games osmo, over and different augmented reality apps....