Round Robin

This story tells how to use tablets in a easy ways in language teaching.

TeacherDamien Lonergan



School levelSecondary school


In order to assess the vocabulary that the students learned in the previous lesson of foreign language, I decided to come up with a way to examine students’ in relation to the vocabulary that they learned without stressing them out about having an exam. I used the app entitled “Kahoot”. It proved to be a success because it meant that there was a gaming and competition element added to the lesson.  Using this app meant that I was able to ask students questions in relation to what they learned in previous lessons in a new and exciting way.


Additionally, I used the app entitled “Book Creator” so assess student’s comprehension of vocabulary that they learned. I would call out a word and they would have to find an image, then insert it into Book Creator and then show me. I found this useful because it meant that I could assess a larger cohort of students and it meant that I could be more inclusive of students with difficulties in relation to spelling in a foreign language. The main problem that I encountered when applying this pedagogical idea was the negative mentality that teachers had towards using these iPads for that purpose. I sorted this issue by physically showing these teachers the positive impact it has on the students. This resulted in the teachers being more open to using iPads in the classroom.


The tablets were beneficial because it meant that students with different learning styles were catered for. Additionally, it meant that more work could be done in class because students had access to online resources. The most beneficial features of the tablets are the notes and the voice recorder options. The notes option on the iPad means that students can quickly type down new vocabulary in the class. They can also organize files for notes for different school subjects. The voice recorder option is beneficial to students for language learning because it means that students can practice the spoken element of the language in class and they can self-correct at the same time. The students were more confident in what they were doing in class. Furthermore, it meant that there was increased student involvement.

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