Doing videos with special needs students and learning

Read how practice nurse students are doing actions sessions. They are videotaping their sessions with special needs’ students.

TeacherTarja Tolonen



School levelVocational school


I am teaching students that are going to be practical nurses in the future. They are already quite skillfull using iPads, because in my vocational school iPads have been a learning tool already for years. These students have been arranging activity sessions with special needs’ students. One aim of these sessions is to make videos on which they can observe their skills in leading the group with special needs. They can observe for example their strengths and those peculiar areas they could develop further. Both study groups have been enjoying seeing these videos. Editing the videos is not that important but film and create a video in a quick way and instant use the video. This means that after  sessions the practical nurse -students watch the videos and get feedback right away – how they have lead the group, how communication has worked etc. I am using NearPod –app in this project. I gave material to students through NearPod. I divided them into different groups (arts, athletics, games) using questionnaires done by NearPod. This app was also used when students were planning their groupwork. It was mainly me who filmed the action sessions. I used iPad, iMotion- and iMovie-apps. The students felt that they got lots of new experiences and learned a lot as well. The videos were also shared to students with special needs.

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