Using iPads as part of person centred planning

This story concentrates on person centred planning. Students are creating easy to read wikis.

TeacherKathryn Stowell


CountryUnited Kingdomno-country

School levelAdult education provider


We introduced person centred planning into our timetable allowing students the time to develop their self -advocacy skills.  As part of this development we introduced The RIX Wikis for students to collate their work online to share securely. To ensure this work remained person centred we had the students invite their circles of support (families, friends and other professionals) into their classes to teach them how to use their wikis on the iPads. This work also lead to peer teaching and hopefully now to students teaching in the extended community. By looking at ways I could ensure the person centred working and development of their individual online site remained person centred. So that the students with complex needs were able to truly take ownership of their Wiki. We had developed the use of video, images and PowerPoint to share progress, achievements and next steps before but it was a challenge to ensure it was person centred and not the agenda of someone else. I think it was interesting to see the power of letting students take control and the confidence this developed. This could carry over to other subjects and areas of the Academy. As above having the students go outside the Academy to other organisations to teach other young people with complex needs.


  • I used person centred tools to structure the sessions and help the students prepare.
  • I ensured the students were confident at using the online tool before inviting others into the class
  • I allowed the students to lead the sessions, taking turns to demonstrate on the whiteboards.
  • For our more complex students with Autism, I set up sessions for the students to share favourite video and parts of their online tool each week.
  • I set up small activities to engage with the different people who were invited into the classroom – students recording their parents telling a funny story from their childhood. Students helping other students record their achievements. Students recording different professionals introducing who they were and how they supported the individual. What they liked and admired about the person.
  • I set up check lists for students to support and check off skills with each other


Because of the complex needs of the students this made the whole access to this activity easier. It ensure the technical support required by the teacher was minimal and I could concentrate on the independence, engagement and positive outcome for everyone.


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