Amazing race – Learn History, Documentation & Orienteering in Graz

AUTHORPetri Ilmonon


Teaching resources

  • WIFI
  • Tablets
  • Mirroring Device
  • Projector
  • Tablet Chargers


Operating SystemAndroid


Competency areasTablet 1x1, Basic Education, Tablets in the classroom, Content Creation

DurationArray mins


In this workshop participants will explore the city as well as have little tasks to document their journey. The journey is guided by the app actionbound. The idea is to use an app for orientation and to learn more about the history of the city the learners are visiting. The workshops also includes some interaction with the locals and all participants should have a positive mindset for outdoor activity (includes a little coffee break – at everybody’s own cost). the documentation is done through pictures and videos that include some of the sights, participants feelings during the race and some creativity as well (selfies, group pictures, short videos). Participants are divided into 4-5 people’s groups and they need at least one tablet with a SIM slot or a smartphone (for the race game Actionbound-app) and a second one for documentation (pics & videos are put togther as a ebook with a Book Creator -app).


  • I learnt some history about Graz
  • I learnt to take/make group pictures, selfies and videos
  • I learned the basic functions of Actionbound based orienteering
  • I learnt how to use book creator


App iOS Android Windows
Actionbound-orienteering app
Book creator


Set the participants in groups and give them a qr-code -to start the game5 minsExercisesNO Learning Object
Present the race and the goals (meeting points/times etc)10 minsDemoNO Learning Object
Let them race and find the spots, history info & take pics/videos60 minsGroup WorkNO Learning Object
Have a coffee break20 minsGroup WorkNO Learning Object
Meet up5 minsGroup WorkNO Learning Object
Continue with Bookcreator60 minsExercisesNO Learning Object
Present the book30 minsExercisesNO Learning Object