Let’s Implement Apps into Language Teaching

AUTHORPetri Ilmonon


Teaching resources

  • WIFI
  • Tablets
  • Mirroring Device
  • Projector
  • Tablet Chargers


Operating SystemiOS


Competency areasTablet 1x1, Basic Education, Tablets in the classroom

Duration45 mins


In this session, language teachers will try out few apps that can be used in their language lessons. Some of the apps are more teacher oriented and some can be used by the students to produce knowlwedge. The apps can replace vocabulary tests or paper based assessments and study book exercises. The idea is shortly introduce few apps for language teaching/learning and then let the participants try out one or two of them (depending on the time). At the end, it is ideal to presents the participant’s work to the whole group.


  • I got an idea how I implement an app(s) into my language teaching and to know an app/apps that I can use in my lessons.
  • I had an opportunity to try out a "language teaching" app(s) (hands on)


App iOS Android Windows
PLOTAGON - Produce an animation video (communicating in xxx-language)
QUIZLET - Make a list of words (in two languages) and mix & match - or make a vocabulary test
iTranslate - An easy translating app
Flashcards - Make a list of words (in two languages) and mix & match


Introduce the apps shortly and find out, what intrests the teachers the most2 minsDemoNO Learning Object
Try out translating apps, juts to give a pic how easy it is5 minsGroup WorkNO Learning Object
Make a short Plotagon video - let the participants choose the location for the conversation (min 5 sentences per person)25 minsGroup WorkPlotagon - create videos for e.g. language teaching (English)
Try out a Quizlet demo (Idea: practice with 5-10 words in different Quizlet format)8 minsGroup WorkQuizlet: Non-monotonous vocabulary learning