Das ist ein Bild vom Hafen in Limassol. Limassol ist der Ort an dem der Kurs stattfindet.


The use of digital media is changing teaching and learning in today’s classrooms. In the inspiring environment of the “Heritage Private School” we get insight into a new way of teaching and learning. This course takes us directly to an innovative school that has introduced iPads to their school concept. We spend a week getting hands-on experience with the use of tablets in primary and lower secondary education. There we can see iPads in action as an example and exchange with experienced teachers and trainers. Heritage School adopted a rigorous 1:1 approach a few years ago. Giving each child their own tablet enables greater differentiation and a more individualised and active learning experience for students.

You will also learn practical applications to make lessons more active, visual and inclusive so that your students can best prepare for the challenges of the 21st century. In particular, you will learn how to use digital devices to support group work, self-presentation and to create your own learning materials and digital assessments.

Erasmus+ funding can be applied for this course. This covers the majority of the course fees as well as travel and meal costs.


  • Get insight into an innovative school concept for learning with digital media
  • Become (more) confident in using digital media for teaching
  • Gain inspiring ideas and approaches from practical school examples 
  • New technologies, apps and online tools to activate your learners
  • Content creation apps that will get your learners productive
  • Tools to create interactive quizzes and assessments
  • Paperless classroom solutions that can make your life easier and your teaching more engaging
  • Tips and tricks in tablet usage
  • using AR-apps in teaching


  • Bring your own device, for example a notebook, an iPad or an android tablet. You can also lend an iPad from us.
  • An open mind to learn and have some fun!
  • The will to learn from each other.


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Course Overview


LocationLimassol, Cyprus

Start date2023-10-29

End date2023-11-03


Places available25

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